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Bhote Koshi River Rafting - 3 Days

Destination: Nepal | Area: Bhote koshi | Activities: River Rafting

Bhote Koshi is a trans-boundary river originated in the autonomous region of Tibet. Bhote Koshi serves as main source of water for multipurpose reason including generation of electricity in the areas close to Chinese......

Trishuli River Rafting - 2 Days

Destination: Nepal | Area: Trishuli | Activities: River Rafting

Kirong Tsangpo originated in the autonomous region of Tibet is another trans-boundary river further known as Trishuli once entered Nepal border. The river carries religious value and it is amongst the holiest river in the country, representing......

Sunkoshi River Rafting - 6 Days

Destination: Nepal | Area: Sunkoshi | Activities: River Rafting

Sunkoshi meaning the river of gold is another trans-boundary river generated in autonomous region of Tibet. The river is believed to leave some deposits of gold along with stones in ancient times for being it named so but according to......

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