Nepal Food and Drinks

Finding cuisine from any part of the world should not be a problem while in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Options from Continental to oriental everything is available, all you have to do is think of a food that you want to eat and you should be able to get it.

Daal Bhat meaning rice and lentils is the standard Nepalese cuisine consumed twice by Nepalese people. A set of daal bhat consists of rice, lentils, two different varieties of vegetable one being saag which is spinach and pickle and finely chopped salad. Although daal bhat anywhere around the country consists of same element the taste might vary from one place to another.

For the reason Nepal is culturally and geographical assorted is also the reason for ample room for variety of cuisine based on ethnicity and geography. Although there are many cuisines some of the famous cuisines include Khas or Hill cuisine which includes rice, lentils and flat wheat bread along with meat and dried green vegetables as primary food. Himalayan cuisine includes of famous Thakali food which is rich and lentils decorated with vegetables and pickles, Himalayan cuisine includes a lot of meat, black pepper and stew of yak and sheep meat to keep themselves warm in the cold weather. Newari cuisine is one of the best and easily accessible cuisines in the major cities. Very rich in taste is also very spicy some popular food in Newari cuisine includes choila, kachila, sukuti. Newari cuisine is also famous for its dishes made out of buffalo meat.

There are many other cuisines but the food not to miss while in Nepal is momo. Momo is Nepalese style dumplings, compared to dumplings momo has thin outer layer of wheat with the choice of meat or vegetable stuffed inside. Momo is usually round in shape and very tasty.

Favorite beverage of Nepalese people throughout the year is tea which is consumed several times a day. People drink tea of their preference milk tea, black tea or the masala (spices) tea which includes cardamom and ginger. In summer people drink sugarcane juice and buttermilk to keep them cool. Alcoholic beverages includes rakshi spirits made in rural or home distillery and jard which is a homemade beer made out of rice, in higher elevation or while in trek variety of millet beer known as tongba and chyang are famous.

Favorite Nepalese snack is instant noodles known as wai wai which is very economical and available even in the most rural place although the price may vary. The noodle can be either boiled or eaten raw according to ones taste preference. Bakery and its variety from almost every corner of the world are available 12 months a year in major cities. Nutrition bars and high protein food can be purchased from departmental store which is not accessible in the rural.

All seasonal fruits are available at almost every corner and alleys of major cities and can be bought either from fruit stores or bicycle fruit vendors which is always on the move. Almost anything and everything from the world is available in Nepal but only in major cities and restrictions apply while in trek to rural areas and mountains.

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