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A land locked country in the heart of Asia in between two geographical and economical giants India and China is the country of Nepal. Commonly known as the country of Everest Nepal is famous and renowned for lot more things than Everest in recent days. Kathmandu is the largest metropolis and capital city of Nepal.

With width of 200 kilometer and length of 800 kilometer and overall area of 147,181 km square Nepal holds 95th position in the list of world’s largest country according to the area. Nepal is divided in three terrains terai, hill, and mountain. Terai is flat low land, hot and humid with fertile soil contributing 50% in Nepal’s food consumption. Hills are cooler and less populated and famous for terrace farming. Mountain bordered to Tibet in the north and India to the west is cold and homes 8 out of the worlds 10 tallest mountains of the world including hundreds of others.

The dramatic variation in altitude within such short distance is the reason behind differing climate ranging from tropical climate along the Indian border, subtropical along the hills, to the temperate climate on the slopes of Himalayas and finally rock and ice in the Himalayas.

Typical Nepali people are family oriented where large family costing of parents and grandparents is considered to be a happy family. Nepalese cuisine consists of “Dal Bhat” meaning rice, lentils, vegetable and pickle.  Hinduism is the largest religion followed by Buddhism, furthermore accompanied by many other religions in small chunk. The country despite many religions and its subdivision, its people live in peace and harmony.

Nepal has many sites listed under world’s heritage sites by UNESCO. Some things not to miss although there are many are Kathmandu city, Pokhara city, Chitwan National park, Bardiya National Park, Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, mount Everest region homing several peaks over 6,000 meters including world’s highest mountains, Annapurna mountain and Annapurna base camp trek, Lumbini and many more.

Nepal is a small but fun filled package one trip to the country is never enough for all the possibility.

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